About Andrew James

Andrew James, Ph.D., is a writer, educator, and relationship coach. His work focuses on the intersection of sexuality and spirituality, with an emphasis on consensual Dominant/submissive relationships as an avenue for personal and spiritual growth.

A.J. is the author of six books on alternative relationships and sexuality, including Erotic Slavehood (as Christina Abernathy) and The Way of the Pleasure Slave. As a relationship coach with a spiritual focus, he brings together elements from multiple traditions — including Bhakti yoga, secular Buddhism, contemplative Christianity, and contemporary Paganism — to support clients in strengthening their M/s and D/s dynamics. A.J. has also worked in K-12 education, in publishing, and in fitness and nutrition coaching.

A trans man who identifies as both a Master and a Daddy, A.J. has been involved in D/s and the kink community since 1992. He and his wife, Anne, have been married for more than twenty years. They began their relationship as Daddy and girl, and since 2012 have been in a 24/7 authority-transfer dynamic. They have one grown child. A.J. and his wife are active members of MAsT: Massachusetts.